How do you protect your valuable assets?

Ruiz Protective Service introduces Guardsman 2.0, a loss prevention solution for your business.

  • VIN Scanning

  • Vehicle Monitoring

  • Patrol Reports and Damage Reports delivered to your e-mail inbox

  • Easy to add, edit, and delete vehicles via web controls

It is RPS’ belief that to stay ahead of the game one must not only be aware of technology and it’s impact on security, you must also focus on the benefits that technology can provide. As such, RPS strives to be a technological leader among private security companies.

We have developed several technologies for specific clients and for general use. Our most recent advancement is the all new Guardsman 2.0. With this service you have a reliable way of guarding and tracking your valuable assets.

Guardsman 2.0 is coupled with the Symbol MC9000, a Microsoft Windows device with a built-in barcode scanner. A guard armed with this device scans the VIN barcode of every vehicle on your lot as they make their patrol rounds. After the patrol is complete you will receive a report via e-mail stating which vehicles were scanned and if any vehicles were missing. This system works by keeping a database of all the vehicles on your lot. Managing this database is very simple. Vehicle’s VINs and descriptions can be added or removed on the fly with the Symbol device or via our website.

In addition, guardsman has a built in damage reporting tool which allows the guard to record any damage they observe to the vehicles while on patrol. You will receive these reports via e-mail as soon as they are reported by the guard.

RPS is currently offering this product with our guard service or you may request just the scanner device with Guardsman 2.0 for your own operation.

Please give us a call at 214-357-0820 if you have any questions.

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