Texas Mutual

Each year, Texas Mutual Insurance Company recognizes policyholders whose commitments to employee safety stand above the rest. I am pleased to award your company a Texas Mutual Safety Trophy for 2013.

Texas Mutual has more than 57,000 policyholders. This year we are awarding 200 safety trophies to recognize those companies who have an outstanding safety record. We selected your company for a trophy because your employees are exposed to workplace hazards, your management team has provided the resources necessary to protect employees, and your loss experience reflects your commitment to safety. Simply put, safety is clearly a core value in your organization.

As a policyholder-owned mutual insurance company, our board of directors and staff are singularly focused on serving you. We work hard to help you prevent workplace accidents, and we are proud to have owners who share our commitment to safety. I hope you will display this trophy as a symbol of your superior safety record.

On behalf of Texas Mutual, thank you to you and your employees for sharing our commitment to
safety. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you prevent workplace accidents.


DFW DPS Report

The following was an article in the DFW airport newspaper regarding an incident at DFW airport.

From the article:

A 45-year-old woman, avoided a TSA check-point, and entered the secure side of Terminal C via a revolving exit door. She was in a hurry and admitted to seeing the DO NOT ENTER sign. A security guard detained the woman and called DFW DPS. She was arrested and faces charges of Criminal Trespass.

 A female security guard, who works for Ruiz Protective Services, apprehended the woman as she made it into the secure side via the revolving doors.

Apparently, the 45-year-old woman, who lives in Simi Valley, California, was late for a flight.

She banged on the glass of the revolving doors and managed to gain the attention of the security guard. The woman indicated with hand gestured she wanted through the door.
The security guard, also using hand gestures, indicated she could not permit her to enter through the exit revolving door and that she must go through the screening process at the TSA security checkpoint.

The woman, clearly frustrated, simply waited for some passengers to exit from the security side, thus these exiting set the revolving door in motion and the woman made it through. But the security guard apprehended her and would not let her go on to catch her flight.

The woman, who is a realtor and works for Century 21, was due to catch American Airlines Flight 1532 to Austin. The flight was initially due to department from Terminal D. However, it was changed to Terminal C, Gate 12.

The frantic woman left Terminal D, made her way to Terminal C and, since there were no agents at the American Airlines ticket counter, attempted to make her way back into security via the revolving emit door.

The woman was placed in handcuffs and arrested for criminal trespass. The woman admitted to the officer she had seen the DO NOT ENTER sign. She also admitted to understanding the security guard's hand gestures not to enter. A search of the woman revealed she was not carrying any objects prohibited on the security side.

El Paso Times

Ruiz Protective Service was recently featured in an article by the El Paso Times about El Paso's new water desalination plant.

From the article:

"The utility has a contract with a very professional security company, Ruiz Protective Services, which has staff that is specifically trained to address the needs of the plant," McNenny said. "Three sides of the plant are on Fort Bliss, and the military police handle that part of the security.

Homeland security inspectors conduct periodic vulnerability assessments to ensure that proper security is in place.

Click here to read the entire article.


Dear Mr. Campos:


I just wanted to thank you and congratulate you on the guard service provided the Tax Office during the last two weeks of January by your firm. Your guards were very professional as they assisted us in dealing with the masses we process during this time.


Taxpayers praised the helpfulness and politeness of the guards. There were no major incidents.

We certainly appreciate the assistance.

Juan F. Sandoval, M.P.A., C.T.A., R.T.A.
Tax Assessor Collector

Photo Courtesy of the El Paso Times


Whom It May Concern:


As Dallas County Chief of Security, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Hector Ruiz, owner of Ruiz Protective Service, Inc. This agency has provided professional security for Dallas County for the past five years. Ruiz Protective Service, Inc. has proven to be more than competent in the field of security. I do not hesitate in requesting their assistance or in recommending this company to anyone who may need their assistance in security.


Basilio Lashley
Chief of Security


Dear Ms. Evans,


Our annual Dallas Genealogical Society Summer Institute co-sponsored with the Dallas Public Library Genealogy Section was a great success in large part to the library and city staff members who supported our efforts. The 104 attendees and volunteers were very pleased with the high quality of the lectures as well as the facilities for the event.


The Institute could not have happened as it did without the contributions of many library and city employees who willingly and pleasantly provided services critical to the outcome of our 3 'A-day Institute. I want to acknowledge the following key people who made our event such a success:


Facilities Manager David Darnell made arrangements for security, lighting and
directed the cleaning effort. Building Services Supervisor Ronnie Parker
programmed lighting without a hitch so we could hold programs and have a
research session during hours that the library is normally closed.

Ruiz and City of Dallas security officers were outstanding in the performance of their duties. In particular, Sergeant Lofts was highly professional and provided excellent customer service to our participants and responded to our requests by stationing officers in critical positions during the Institute. She remained friendly and helpful, worked well with library liaisons and even assisted our participants by walking with them to Urban Market before the research session on Saturday evening. She was ably assisted by Officers Banks and Clewis who were also very friendly and helpful. The two City of Dallas Security officers John McHenry and Phillip Sundstrom did a great job Saturday night and Sunday Morning. They were congenial, courteous and made sure everything went smoothly.